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USA SIM Card + Unlimited Data

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Simple Mobile – Powered by T-Mobile Nationwide Network
USA Coverage including Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico
Unlimited Data for primary device
5Gb Tethering/Hotspot to share
30 day service
FREE 200 minutes of International calling
Unlimited Calls & Text within USA
Unlimited International Texting
FREE International Shipping
3 in 1 sim card is shipped and fits all phones
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Order Today
Europe delivery by January 26
Asia/Pacific delivery by February 1
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  • Simple Mobile – Powered by T-Mobile network
  • USA Coverage including Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico
  • Unlimited data on 4G LTE high speed network
  • 5GB allowance for Hotspot/Tethering
  • 30 day service
  • FREE 200 minutes of International MOBILE and LANDLINE calling
  • Unlimited Calls and Text within USA
  • Unlimited International Texting to over 200 countries
  • USA Phone number
  • Refill/TopUp the card for an extra 30 days if needed
  • Both Nano and Micro SIM cards included
  • FREE International Shipping

*All priced are in US Dollars


Easy Activation

Activation is simple!

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Fill in your Email and SIM card number and Submit

Step 3. Within 2-3 hours receive confirmation email with your US Phone number

35 reviews for USA SIM Card + Unlimited Data

  1. Steven Well

    I received the card in 7 days. Super fast shipping! Thank you

  2. Luca

    Didn’t have any issues in Vegas/LA areas, would recommend

  3. Anthonie

    Works really great in Florida.
    Thanks, next year i will order again.

  4. Jonathan Wong

    Great coverage, value for money and was easy to set up! The card didn’t make it to my house in time, but they were able to express post it to my hotel free of charge and was waiting for me at the hotel when I arrived. I definitely recommend it!

  5. Laurent Fishlock

    Used Arielimobile last year, and worked like a charm. The sim card arrived in the Netherlands within only days after ordering, which was even faster than expected. This year in September I’m visiting the USA again, and I will use their services again without any doubt. Highly recommended!

  6. Bob M

    I used this in MiFi so entire family had unlimited data. Highly recommended

  7. Ursula S

    Had a great stay in NYC, SIMs worked right off the plane. Had some initial issues dialing international but was told the unlimited calls are to landline phones. Not super convenient but worked for us.

  8. Marcel

    Great service as long as you activate before your flight. Other then that worked fine in San Fran.

  9. DM591

    Just got back from the us !

    Your SIM card worked very good, iam very happy ! Iam going every year so you can expect me to work again with you next years!

    Maybe only little downside is that I got many calls from people I don’t know at all

  10. Hans

    My order never arrived to Singapore however they issued a full refund.

  11. jf465

    Thank you for sending out a replacement via express shipping!

  12. JineshS

    SIM provider is Simple Mobile, not the best for midwest but the 4G service worked great in NYC

  13. Sayan

    Purchased 3 times already. Last time took more then 6 hours to activate but worked just fine after that. Will definitely activate a day in advance as recommended.

  14. Vurhan

    Thank you, the unlimited data was nice as my kids kept streaming netflix non stop.

  15. Nathan K

    REALLY good service, called locally unlimited and very good connectivity, internet was sufficient for my usage as I basically kept using google maps to transfer around. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  16. Rob K (verified owner)

    Worked well LA, Vegas, DC and Maryland coverage a little spotty in National Parks in Utah but almost full time coverage on the interstates highly recommend and half the price of AT&T

  17. Andre (verified owner)

    Works perfect and super service !! Sim arrived in a couple of days. (Holland) only 3 days before we leaving we got a mail, the batch of the Sims were wrong. The choise we got, money back or new sim. The sim was send to our hotel. We got a track en tracé code. If the sim was late we got our money back. The sim were in our hotel Very Super !!

  18. Lizzy

    Just great! Went to the US for a month last summer and this sim card saved my life. I’ll be back this summer, definitely buying again!

  19. Nikita (verified owner)

    Used this last year during my visit to Miami, FL. Saved me from a lot of trouble with expensive out of country calls. Purchased a new simcard for my next visit to Orlando.

  20. Beau

    received in e few days in Holland so the first step was perfect I’ll informe you whenwe activate it in july

  21. Ingrid

    Received in under 9 days, but had to cancel the trip. They provided a full refund without any issues.

  22. Evelyn

    They delivered to my hotel in NYC as shipment never arrived to Australia. Connection worked as promised.

  23. Dario (verified owner)

    Ordered my card on Thursday and received it on Monday in Belgium. Used it once already but bought it in the US. Now I will use it again for three weeks and I hope everything will go well with activating it.

  24. Rene

    Delivery in NL within 10 days.
    T-mobile version worked excellent in the major cities (LA, SF, LV and SD) and larger towns. Bad coverage in the less dence populated areas, but that’s maybe with all providers.
    Unlimited internet and thetering hotspot (5 devices connected) also worked fine when there was coverage. Very handy when you use Google Maps for route directions with realtime traffic information and apps like UBER and ideal for the kids phones &Ipads, when you have bad WiFi on campgrounds.
    Only bad thing is that you sometimes receive calls and texts from advertisers.

  25. karin fioraliso

    definitely recommended… bought a card with hotspot. shipped and received in europe ( netherlands) within 10 days. Activation very easy. Worked fine in georgia and florida…just every now and then no connection in state parks. Only irritating point was the numerous calls from american numbers ( i assume sellers, never answered one because nobody knew my american number ) . Gonna do this definitely on the next trip.

  26. Brigitte

    Just perfect! I received the card within 5 days (The Netherlands). I activated one day before departure and received the telephone number in the USA by text message. We had a perfect and fast connection (Simple Network) in New York, Washington, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans and on the road. High up in the Smoky Mountains we had no connection, but that is understandble. In the 3th week I received a few calls from people I don’t know at all.

  27. EJ C

    Took a chance on Arieli after reading some of the not so awesome reviews. However, the service, value and function of the Sim was impeccable. Sim arrived quickly in Australia and activation was super easy. I started the activation process before getting on the plane, and it was ready to go when I arrived. Flawless coverage in LA, San Fran, Las Vegas. Would use again.

  28. Rob Williams (verified owner)

    Would highly recommend, have used 2 times on trips to the States, good coverage LA, Vegas, SF, NYC and most of MD VA. Great value when compared to others. Activated night before flight worked soon as I stepped out of LAX. Will use again.

  29. Edwin

    Thank you for your service!

    It works flawlessly and was activated in just a few hours!

    Next year I’ll buy this simcard again but then let it send to my home in Europe.

    Thanks again!

  30. Olivier

    Fonctionne parfaitement. Activation facile. Aucun problème.

  31. Mikko Toiviainen (verified owner)

    This is probably my 4th time ordering a SIM card and I haven’t had any problems with them. Really quick shipping, easy to use and works well even in rural areas.


  32. Eric Carter (verified owner)

    This is my third time using an Arieli SIM card. My cards worked perfectly and activated without issue. I had great coverage in Florida, Texas, San Diego, Punto Peñasco and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
    International Shipping was within 10 days to my home in Europe.

  33. Arthur

    Received SIMs quickly. Easy to activate. Great service coverage in our US destination.

  34. Jordi

    Perfecto siempre tenia cobertura no solo en new york diferentes partes

  35. Jansen

    Great service as long as you activate before your flight. Other then that worked fine in San Fran.

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